Safety Power Led

Safety Power LED helps you meet two needs with one deed:

You prevent accidents and damage to your vehicle.

You comply with the legal obligation to park your uncoupled trailer in a clearly visible position.

Safety Power LED at work

1. Uncoupling the trailer and turning on the lights

Plug the trailer's lighting cable into the Safety Power LED plug to turn the lights on. When the DET input is connected (plugged into a socket), the left and right lights will flash alternately.

For example, they signal that the Safety Power LED has been charged and is ready for use. The marker lamps remain on up to 24 hours thanks to the battery's self-contained power supply.

2. Coupling the trailer and charging the powerbox

Connect the lighting cable to the tractor. The blink code will confirm that the Safety Power LED battery is charging. At this point, the trailer lights are powered by the truck.

At the same time, the powerbox is being recharged by the truck's voltage.

Bonus options

- Solar panels – Will your trailer be stationary for over 24 hours? If so, just boost the Safety Power LED with solar panels to charge the battery during the day.

- Night Sensor - With these sensors, Safety Power LED automatically detects when the marker lamps need to be switched on.

- Flashing lights – flashing marker lamps will take your trailer's visibility to the next level.

The origins of Safety Power LED

Safety Power LED was developed by Steven and Filip Van Egdom, brothers and co-owners of Brake Point, a company specialised in vehicle braking systems. Dozens of truck drivers would show up at their brake point in Heist-Op-Den-Berg every day, all asking the same question: ‘How can I light my uncoupled trailer to prevent accidents?’ Since there wasn’t a system available on the market yet, the brothers whipped one up themselves. And that’s how Safety Power LED was created, from a prototype and test system to today's add-on-enhanced integrated solution.

Still don't have stationary lighting for your trailer yet? Get it done in a flash!

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